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Hilary Hemingway was born in Miami, Florida. She spent her first two years living aboard a boat, and took her first steps in Jamaica.  Eventually, her parents bought a home on Miami Beach. Hilary spent most of her summers in the Bahamas helping her father with his Bimini Newspaper.

Hilary has worked the last 30 years as a writer for print media, TV and film. She has five published books, two plays and her latest screenplay, Hemingway and Fuentes, co-written with Andy Garcia, is in pre-production.Hemingway and Garcia on a Pilar Perfect Day

Recently Hilary returned to her love of fine art; using the bold color palette of the Caribbean, she has begun to produce mixed-media works of marine life and colorful island settings. Hilary believes that her artwork tells a story. A moment caught on canvas may tell of a struggle of life and death between marlin and tuna, the expression of speed, passion and fear within the chase, the ultimate survival at sea. Yet her color choices are surreal, as if the struggle were seen with mermaid eyes.

Hilary’s canvas art has sold in galleries and at auction for charity. She is Ernest Hemingway’s niece, wife of NY Times bestselling author, Jeff Lindsay, and proud mother of three splendid daughters.